Edo-Mae style Cucumber roll sushi recipe


Ingredients for 3-4 Serving : Japanese rice 300g, Rice vineger 50g, Sugar 15g, Salt 10g, Nori seaweed paper, Cucumber, Wasabi, Shiso Japanese mint, White sesame

cucumber sushi recipe_1

1. Prepare rice :

Wash and rinse the rice, put rice and water in the ricecooker, Soak the rice about 20 min then start to heat.


2. Prepare sushi vineger :

Blend rice vineger and sugar and salt until Completely dissolved.


3. Prepare roasted sesame :

Put white sesame in to a pan on medium heat, keep shaking until the sesames turns light brown color.

cucumber sushi recipe_1


4. Mix sushi rice :

When the rice is ready, put it in a bigbowl, spread the sushi vinegar on the rice and mix it folding together well but don’t over mix. Leave it for 10 min cooling slightly.


5. Cut cucumber sticks:

While waiting for cooling sushi rice, cut up cucumber into 4 portions. Peel the cucumber skin to the center as deep as possible like a spiral. Cut the cucumber ribbon into 4 pieces, pile them into 4 layers, chop it into a toothpick size.


cucumber sushi recipe_1

6, Roll sushi :

Put bumboo wrap on a cutting board, Layer Nori paper on the bamboo wrap.

Grab the sushi rice and spread it on the Nori paper softly.


Pinch a small amount of wasabi and spread out with your index finger

into a line as much as you like. Put cucumber sticks on the wasabi, sprinkle the roasted sesame on cucumbers. 


Roll up the bamboo wrap until the edges of the rice stick into a roll. Remove the bamboo wrap and cut the roll into 6 portions. 


Enjoy it with ginger and soysauce!